Our engagement party

We had a great time at our engagement party on the evening of 10th June. Over 40 people came (we invited around 50), and we all had a very enjoyable time.

You can find the photos here.


Engagement Invitation

Last week we got the engagement invitation finalised and sent out. Here's a copy of it for you to see.


Engagement venue

We've spent probably about 6 weeks trying to work out where we'd have our engagement party. Not completely full-on though, but talking, considering, checking out, enquiring from friends, etc. Eventually we short-listed to a few potential places in the middle of the city.

Last weekend we went to check 'em out. One was closed, but I don't think we were inspired by the external appearance to follow up with a phone call. The other was too expensive. The third one (Scorpio's Welsh Dragon Bar) was closed, but because it was where I had my birthday party (photos) last year, it was an 'essential' part of the short list. I phoned them on Monday and spoke to someone about booking an engagement party with them. Their terms sounded quite reasonable, and included live music and a warm, relaxed environment.

On Wednesday night, Deidre and I went there to discuss the arrangements with the bar manager. Right from the beginning, he took us to where the setting would be, sat us down, and asked us what we'd like to drink – they were on the house. Then, over our free drinks, we discussed everything that they'd do for our engagement party. As a venue, they were free. For them, the money was in the food and drinks that would be bought by all the guests that we'd be having at the party.

So we were there for over half an hour, talking to the manager, discussing arrangements, and enjoying our free drinks. The booking is going ahead at this place, on the evening of the 10th June. It should be fun and relaxing!

The way it's going to work is that we'll be having an 'open party', which means people can come and go during the evening as they please. We're paying for the food throughout the evening, while the guests will be paying for their own drinks. Except for the bottles of wine we'll be supplying, scattered around the room.

I'll take photos, of course, and put them on my photo blog. I'll link to them, don't worry. 🙂