Our engagement party

We had a great time at our engagement party on the evening of 10th June. Over 40 people came (we invited around 50), and we all had a very enjoyable time.

You can find the photos here.


Latest venue news

Since I last wrote about having a look at the Wellesley, we’ve also looked at the Duxton Hotel. As of this writing, the Duxton is our preferred venue. It’s also where we got engaged, so it has a special significance for us. That’s not the reason it’s prefferred though. It’s just got more value for money, and it’s probably the best venue we’ve found.

Our next step with the venue planning is creating a spreadsheet and putting all the information together to compare venues, and then we’ll make our final decision.

Searching for venues

Last night we looked at Wellesley Hotel in the heart of the city that is, or used to be, a ‘Gentlemen’s Club‘. It’s quite nice. Very warm and cosy, with dark wooden walls, and the bedroom suites are pretty cool too. Until last night, we were inclined to go with Wilton House, but this one’s leading the pack so far. We just have to see a few more and then work out which packages and venues come out on top.